roticulate /rəʊ:’tɪkjʊlət/

noun 1. to rotate and articulate a single entity at the same time and in harmony. verb 2. to harmoniously rotate and articulate a body to form a single act of spatial movement. roticulating adj 1. the act of combining rotation and articulation in the performing of work. roticulation noun 1. translation between rotational and volumetric forces. verb 2. harnessing forced volumetric change to derive rotational power. roticulator noun 1. an ultra-efficient rotational displacement device. Synonyms novel, disruptive, pure, inventive, unrivalled, efficient, earth-shattering. Antonyms Otto, cranked, inefficiency, tradition. Origin the notion of a Yorkshire lad. Combinations FeTu roticulate the originator and creator of this novel device. roticulating engine the most efficient thermodynamic powertrain ever conceived. roticulating pump a self-priming, bi-directional, PD pump. roticulating compressor a high efficiency, low maintenance compressor. roticulating turbine a positive displacement low velocity turbine.