Heat to Power Generation

  • Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery
  • Solar Generator
  • Thermal Power Generation
  • Regenerate heat from as little as 70 deg C differential
  • High order of efficiency, predicted at +30%
  • Power dense & compact
  • Easy integration & Scalable 

A non-phase change fluid (CO2) is worked between a volumetric offset in each half of the FeTu device.

A high and a low pressure domain are each excited via heat exchangers, fluid expands and contracts whilst travelling around a closed circuit.  The FeTu rotor forms a boundry between the two pressure domains and is driven by the combined forces of both the high and low pressure zones.

We know of no other technology which takes advantage of the both the high and low pressure zones, natively doubling FeTu's capability over any other closed loop thermodynamic system.