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A continuous flow system where a motor rotates the driveshaft, air is drawn into the two inlet (suction) ports and collapsed to zero volume at the discharge, giving capability of extremely high volume and pressure ratios. The FeTu device can tune the rotational speed and internal mechanics to cater for different pressures ratios and volumetric flow.

The nature of the operation means that internal parts spend half there cycle in the hot compression side and half in the cold expansion side therefore downstream temperature is extremely low and very close to ideal, leading to high isentropic efficiencies of 80% +.

The device is machined to have 25 micron clearance between parts which gives minimal leakage as an Oil Free compressor. However, when running Oil Flooded, the extra sealing allows a greater volumetric efficiency and a Specific Power 25% better than state of the art.

Testing of Evolution II was completed in collaboration with the University of Bath. A Paper has been written on test findings and is to be presented at the 11th ICCS 2019 event:

 “The roticulating concept air compressor: experimental and numerical investigation”

Realising 2045 EU Carbon reduction targets today. 

FeTu is 25% more efficient than SOA, reducing energy cost & carbon output

Key Findings

Real-life Example

The improved design architecture of Evolution III is to be tested as part of a BEIS study at the University of Huddersfield. Tests are running between 2019 and 2020 with the goals of: Developing solutions to improve volumetric efficiency at higher pressures.


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