Core-Tech - Vacuum

The FeTu device has excellent vacuum capabilities. The inlet ports are made to be a deadhead by a NRV. By applying power, rotating the driveshaft and trying to draw in air into the suction ports the device creates a downstream continuous vacuum. …

Testing of Evolution II was completed in collaboration with the University of Bath. A Paper has been written on test findings and is to be presented at the 11th ICCS 2019 event:

 “The roticulating concept air compressor: experimental and numerical investigation”

Initially the device was run oil-free in reverse against a dead head to verify its vacuum capability up to 300rpm, tests were only conducted at low speed to avoid manifold implosion. The test was repeated after introducing 40ml of oil to simulate the effects of an oil-injected system at 50 rpm. 

The vacuum pump test was successful and demonstrated an oil-free capability to produce 0.5 BarA at 300rpm. Oil was added for comparative purposes, comparing the pressure capability at just 50 rpm indicates a fivefold increase in pressure potential (50% compared to 10% vacuum). This indicates the significant effect of oil flooding on volumetric efficiency.